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ARN&R FanFic Pleasure Village 2000
Hosted ARN&R FanFic From Other People Besides Brittany

Okay, so hear is the heart and sole of the ARN&R Fanfic Pleasure Village 2000. This is the fanfic sent in by people who are not me!!! So you can contact me and send in your fanfic, please, and then we can grow and be the most awesome fucking site on the web!!!!!! Send your fanfic and fan male to me at the address in the pretty ornage part below!!!!!!! And yes I have a boy friend, stop emailing to ask me to give you sex and dates and stuff. Pretty please I mean!!!!

Heart of Twilight
This is a superb three-part story that is ARN&R striaght fanfic and involves no crossovers.  ARN&R fans seem to generally agree this is the benchmark by which all other ARN&R stories should be judged. But hey, its a new field of exciting fan fic, so that'll maybe change!!! LOL!!!  Written by Samantha Duggersly. 
The Special Present From Shenji To Asuka
Omigosh! Like this totally is weird, and I don't think I get it. It's this crazy fanfic that seems to be a crossover to these Japanese cartoons and stuff, and it also has ARN&R characters. But I'll print up anything that uses good English and seems like peopel will like it because just b/c I don't get something doesnt mean it isnt good!!! So I hope you like it. And if you can explain its deeper meaning to me, feel free to email me!!!! Some people say Shounen/Shoujo-ai pairings would never happen in a million years and that Tamahome and Nakago will never get together, but I guess this author doesnt agree with that!!!!!!!!! Oh well!  Superfly ARN&R Fanfic fan Chritopher Benjo Ikitai sent this one in.
A Bold Mission
Here is a new piece of ARN&R Fanfic, that is also fanfuc about Star Wars, so I know this one will B totally popular. This is a story about Rogue Squadron and about a squadron called Fuchsia Squadron that is composed of ARN&R writers! LOL!!!!! It is awesome and exciting and has great characters from Star Wars and from ARN&R. It is by Leif Ericsson, who posts to our forums as Porkins!!! LOL!!! About time you submitted this story, dude!!!!
Bad Soup
This is a fan fiction by Dmitri Rostropovich, involving the famous movie Battleship Potemkin, which I think is the new one by Russell Crowe, or maybe it was the one about the mutiny and someone's booty with Mel Gibson, but it's really famous trust me Brittany!!!!  Battleship Potemkin fanfic is really popular and has lots of websites, but the author agreed to let me repost his story hear b/c it was a fanfic with crossover between our fearless heroes at ARN&R and also Battleship Potemkin itself!!!! Special thanks to Battle-Library Potemkin, the awesome Battleship Potemkin fan site that originally published this great story and said we could have persmisison to re-do it hear at ARN&R Fanfic Pleasure Village 2000!!!!!!  ROTFLMBAO!!!!!
Poem in April
My friend Tiffany B. Duchamp is a longtime ARN&R fangirl and contributor to our forums.  Up til now, every thing on this fanfic archive is stories, but Tiffany is a poet! And she even knows it!!! ROTFL!!!! This poem kicks ass, and I hope it's the first of many that she will contribute!!!!!
Welcome Back ARN&R
A  kickass beast of a crossover fic involving Welcome Back Kotter and the sexy staff of ARN&R.  I love this one!!!  Written by Mandy D. Struthers.
Welcome Back ARN&R
Three Ecstatic Rhapsodies on a Single Subject
Tiffany B. Duchamp is at it again LMAO!!!!! Wow, she is so smart and deep and I don't know if everyone will get this new artwork of hers, but it is so awesome and cool and deep that I figured I would try to give it to the public and hope they can underatnd and appreciate it!!!!!! LOL!!!!
Variations on Absolutely Reliable I
Yep, riot girllzzzzz, it's the God's own truth or my name is not Brittany Lynn Swanson!!!! Tiffany B. Duchamp has been a busy little bee yet some more and has a new awesome poem about Absolutely Reliable. And this one is nto some crossover thing or freefrom or a chllenge to the masses, but is easy to get. It's just a fan appreciation and awesomely done!!!!
Vincent Youmans Blows a Load in My Face
Tiffany has some serious competition in the ARN&R poetry division, peeps, let me tell you!!!! LOL!!! Maybe they will have a competition and they will make you and me the beneficiarys with lots of funtastic ARN&R fanfic poetry!!!!!!!  LOL!!! LOL!!!! So this is Tiffany's fiend named Jessica Sue McKinley, from Georgia. I have not met her but now I want to b/c she gets the ARN&R world so well, but I still don't get these new poems these people write in even though they are R good and profound. 

Brittany here, please send me your fanfic to me here at this address: arnrrulz@yahoo.com